About Us

Originally formed in 2008, the aim of the Loksys Solutions business is to provide innovative solutions concerning freight security and container tracking in the container logistics market. .

There are many concerns surrounding the maintenance of the integrity of the container logistics market, not least concerning the threat of theft, counterfeiting, smuggling and potential terrorist activity.

Given the level and sophistication of the threat it became clear that any container security solutions needed to transcend national boundaries and thus offer complete supply chain visibility and freight security along the entire supply chain – thus offering ‘added value’ to manufacturers, shippers, freight forwarders, customs and regulatory authorities and everyone else concerned with supply chain security.

It was in order to satisfy these inter-modal freight security requirements that inspired the company to develop its unique, world-leading, patented Trakalok solution, at its technology centre in Manchester, UK.

The Trakalok product range is unique in today’s market being a tamper evident container security device with built in geo-positioning satellite technology designed to protect and provide unparalleled supply chain visibility of container traffic, either in transit or storage.

It is an easy-to-fit device, as can be seen on the attached Trakalok fitting video.

Fitting the device requires no modification to the container and it can be attached to either the container door or between the two interlocking bars to offer additional physical security for the container.

However, what really adds value is that when the container is sealed in the conventional way Trakalok automatically activates its sophisticated electronics and starts communicating with an intelligent platform, enabling supply chain visibility of the container and its security status to be monitored on line via the internet.

In fact the level of sophistication built into the system means that, if at any time during its journey anyone tries to interfere with the container, or it deviates from its prescribed route, then it notifies the platform using GSM, which can be programmed to send an alert by email, text or phone to whoever is best positioned to deal with the incident.

This effectively turns what in the past was essentially a ‘passive’ process, i.e. just concentrating on providing physical security for a container, into an ‘active’ process offering full supply chain visibility and the opportunity to make a positive intervention at any part of the supply chain journey.

Trakalok is an example of how current best practice when combined with modern day technology can create a comprehensive solution by enabling a pro-active stance to be taken.

Since its inception, Loksys Solutions has successfully created a network of partner companies covering Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. Working with them the Trakalok solution has been successfully adopted to provide an effective supply chain logistics solution in such countries as China, Ecuador, Mexico, Afghanistan and Russia, as well as Europe and the UK, making Loksys Solutions a truly global player!