Case Studies

Loksys Solutions is firmly established as a global force and leading player in the freight container risk management field.

Its Trakalok product range offers full supply chain visibility and tamper evident security.

If anyone tampers with the cargo at any point in its journey, be it land or sea , then an alert can be sent either by email, text or phone to either the relevant port authority or to whoever is best placed to deal with the incident.

Over the last 12 months Trakalok has monitored in excess of 20,000 freight movements across Latin America, South East Asia, Africa and Europe.

We have developed a number of case studies which highlight the sheer potential of the Trakalok solution and are pleased to provide abstracts below.

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Effective management of transit containers


In order to gain efficiency and effectiveness in the management of transit containers and in order to avoid evasion and smuggling, the National Secretariat of Ecuadorian Customs (SENAE) have made it mandatory that all freight containers that enter Ecuador for customs clearance in different warehouses than the port of entry must have a satellite tracking device attached via a qualified supplier.

Protecting rail freight


In order to ensure that valuable container cargo due to be shipped from China to Europe, by rail, across different jurisdictions and time zones was effectively protected, a major freight forwarder was tasked to source a workable solution to a complicated problem.

The main challenge was to develop a system which guaranteed the integrity of a container via effective satellite monitoring through an online platform, which periodically reported its location and issued alerts if there were any intrusion or diversion.

Door to door visibility


Loksys Solutions was commissioned to track the movement and security status of a consignment of precious metals, across the inter-modal supply chain, from Ghana to Sweden, with four legs to the journey, namely:

  • By road from ‘stuffing point’ to port.
  • By sea from Ghana to Germany.
  • By sea from Germany to Sweden.
  • By road to final destination.

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