Product Sheets

Please find below a synopsis of a number of product sheets which are available for downloading.

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System Description


Loksys Solutions have developed a number of security and tracking solutions which meet very specific market needs.

These solutions are built around a bespoke set of software applications along with a patented locking solution. These house the sophisticated telematics and location information.

Features include:

  • Enhances physical and electronic security
  • Securely attaches to the outside of a container using a bolt seal
  • Easy to fit without tools or modification to the container
  • Real time reporting over the web to PC or mobile device

Locking Solutions


The Trakalok family of products are designed to enhance both physical and electronic security for a container

The Trakalok product range comprises:


  • Designed to be attached to interlock the two container doors to prevent 'butterflying' and left door pull past


  • Designed to be attached to the container door handle


  • A multi purpose device which employs a monitored armoured cable. This can be adapted to a number of transport assets including ISO containers and Reefer containers

Communication and business platform


The communication and business platform has been developed in house, specifically for the Trakalok solution. The platform works with the tracking devices to ensure all the communications and data transmissions work as effectively as possible.

The platform itself is housed in a number of secure locations around the world with a high degree of redundancy ensuring the core system offers 99.998% up time reliability

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