Loksys further strengthens its position in the world of freight tracking and security monitoring

Loksys Limited, the North West specialist technology business today announced that it has joined forces with its two major supply companies, Mexuar Communications and Hospital Engineering to form a new company Loksys Solutions.

The Loksys Solutions technology provides tamper evident security devices with built in geo-positioning satellite technology to protect and provide unparalleled visibility of freight cargo, either in transit or storage. These devices can be attached to a containers locking mechanism at the beginning of a trip or mid journey and removed when it gets to its final location. Being that containers do not need to be modified to fit the Loksys device; at the end of each trip the device can simply be re-programmed and re-used, thus offering total flexibility.

The technology allows the global position of any container to be monitored in real time via the internet, even when it is on the ‘high seas’ If anyone tries to tamper with the container, either during transportation or storage, an automatic alert is sent to a relevant authority for immediate action.

Commenting on this move Managing Director Ian McDermott observed:

‘…consolidating the assets of Mexuar Communications, who provide our communications platform and Hospital Engineering who manufacture the electronics for our solutions, is a logical step in creating an integrated global business designed to perform even more effectively on the world stage.’

Operating globally and utilising technology that can transcend national boundaries is key to success in this market, and Loksys is a world leader in this field.

Said McDermott:

‘…freight shipment and storage is a truly global business. With in excess of 17million containers, operating in the world today; the need to provide tamper proof security devices, incorporating real time locational positioning and automatic tamper alerts is vital for effective freight management and the protection of valuable assets. These features offer outstanding supply chain visibility, providing invaluable support to business functions such as just in time management for planning and manufacturing’

Working with partner companies covering Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and Africa, has led to the Loksys Solutions products already being adopted in such countries as China, Ecuador, Mexico, Afghanistan and Russia as well as Europe and the UK.

In fact Loksys Solutions ‘track and tamper’ technology can now be found operating in some of the worlds more inhospitable places, including the Trans Siberian Railway and the Congo where it protects containers on barges carrying tobacco up the Congo River!

And this is only the ‘tip of the iceberg’.

Globally container theft runs into billions, with cargo theft in the USA thought to be £30billion alone, making the market for Loksys Solutions technology really huge!

Not only is Loksys Solutions reacting to this challenge by exporting its technology world wide but it is also playing its part in cementing the UK’s reputation of being at the forefront of technological excellence.