Ecuadorian Customs -Tracking and Monitoring

Ecuadorian customs have made it mandatory that freight containers entering the country for customs clearance at warehouses not situated at the port of entry must have a satellite tracking device attached to monitor their movement to their customs clearance destination.

To comply with this regulation Cotecna del Ecuador, one of the worlds leading trade inspection, security and certification companies, has adopted the Manchester based Loksys Solutions Trakalok device to monitor movement between port, bonded warehouses, temporary warehouses and Free Zones.

The Trakalok device is attached to the container, between the two interlocking bars.

Following sealing it automatically activates its electronics and its status and positional data is monitored via a sophisticated Communications and Business Platform, as it moves through the supply chain with progress being able to be tracked via the internet.

Not only does it monitor cargo movement but if at any time during its journey anyone attempts to interfere with the container or it deviates from its prescribed route, it notifies the platform using GSM, which can be programmed to send alerts by email, text or phone to whoever is best positioned to respond to the alert.

Said Loksys Solutions Business Development Director, Simon McDermott:

“The Trakalok device offers a unique solution which can now be found monitoring cargo movements in literally in all four corners of the world, and is making Loksys Solutions a truly global business.”

Trakalok has enabled Cotecna to offer the Ecuadorian Customs Service a solution offering:

  • Cargo traceability.
  • Control and Door Monitoring to avoid smuggling or container contamination.
  • The release of resources and personnel.

The benefits from adopting the Trakalok solution were summed up by Fernando Vela, Country Manager of Cotecna, when he said:

“The Trakalok device, along with support from the local representative and our infrastructure, gives us the peace of mind to know that we offer a reliable service, which lets us replace customs guards with a state of the art service, immediately available and with a non corruptible service”