Web Site Re-launch

Supply chain monitoring and tamper evident container security specialists, Loksys Solutions today announced that, given the phenomenal success of its Trakalok brand, it has re-launched its web site www.loksys.com.

The revamped web site has been designed to provide more topical and technical information to the growing number of people who are now looking to the company’s Trakalok device to provide a ‘state of the art’ solution for their freight security and monitoring requirements.

Said Loksys Solutions Business Development Director, Simon McDermott:

‘Trakalok is designed to meet the demands of today’s sophisticated and sometimes complicated supply chain requirements. It is a tamper evident security device, which not only gives unparalleled supply chain visibility, which can be tracked on line using the internet, but also generates automatic alerts if anyone tries to tamper with a container while it is in transit or storage’

The growth of Trakalok has been phenomenal with the device now being used to provide an effective supply chain logistics solution in such countries as China, Ecuador, Mexico, Afghanistan and Russia, as well as Europe and the UK.

The re-launched web site now includes enhanced functionality with more topical articles and information links, along with details regarding interfaces and customisation opportunities.

To view the re-launched web site go to www.loksys.com.