Loksys Solutions - A growing force

Freight security tracking experts Loksys Solutions announce that 2012 was a year of significant progress for the company; establishing them as a truly global player in the freight container security ‘track and trace’ market place.

In fact the company’s ‘track and trace’ Trakalok solution which offers full supply chain visibility can now monitor the movements of a container even when it is on the high seas!

The Trakalok device is attached to a containers locking mechanism after it has been sealed in the normal way, and then its progress across all parts of the inter-modal supply chain, can be monitored over the internet. If anyone tampers with the cargo at any point in its journey, be it land or sea, then an alert can be sent either by email, text or phone to either the relevant port authority or whoever is best placed to deal with the incident.

Over the last 12 months the Trakalok devices have monitored over 20,000 freight movements across Latin America, South East Asia, Africa and Europe.

Of particular note during 2012 was an increasing demand for tracking the movement of freight containers between China and Europe and the opening up of new routes; including a pioneering route through Kazakhstan where the Trakalok device can now be found successfully monitoring rail freight movements in some of the world’s most extreme weather conditions!

Said Business Development Director Simon McDermott:

“Container theft is a growing problem in what is a truly international market place which costs companies billions of pounds each year. The Trakalok solution is unique in that it offers total supply chain visibility wherever the container is in the intermodal supply chain – and it can even send out an alert to the relevant regulatory and security authorities if the container deviates from its scheduled route”

Loksys Solutions has clearly become a leading player in the growing container security ‘track and trace’ market place and we can expect this growth to accelerate over the next 12 months.