At Loksys Solutions we offer a comprehensive ‘track and trace’ security monitoring solution to the container freight industry, via our unique Trakalok devices.

The Trakalok devices offer complete supply chain visibility; being able to monitor the movement of a container be it on land or the high seas.

The devices can be attached to either the container door handle or in between the two inner locking bars providing additional security. When the container is sealed it automatically activates electronics and its status and positional data is monitored, via the sophisticated Communications and intelligent business platform, as it moves through the intermodal supply chain, with its progress being able to be tracked via the internet.

However what really makes the Trakalok solution so inviting is that it offers a lot more than just standard ‘track and trace’ functionality.

To find out more about the Trakalok product range (TLh, TLIi and TLc) along with information about our Business Platform and our ability to provide and develop bespoke software and interfaces please click on the links to the left.