Container Security

Trakalok - a key tool in protecting the integrity of container cargo

Container security and especially intermodal freight security is a major challenge facing the industry.

Trakalok is ideally positioned to cater for this, offering both physical and electronic security measures for a container.

The TLh device attaches to a container door handle while the TLi device attaches between the interlocking bars, both offering added physical security to the container with no modifications to the container or special tools required.


When sealed with industry standard bolts, its electronics ‘kick in’ and it communicates with an intelligent platform and offers the following features:

  • Automatic alerts generated if anyone tampers with the container - with the facility to channel the alert to the appropriate authority for immediate action.
  • Alerts generated every time the container is opened.
  • Location of the container when an alert was triggered.

The device has also been designed with ‘reverse’ logistics in mind. When the journey is completed the device can simply be re-programmed and re-used.

By using Trakalok you can mitigate the risks from container theft and tampering; an example of this can be seen when Trakalok was used to provide additional security for a block-train on the Eurasian Land-bridge moving cargo from China to Europe.

For example, if you know immediately that there is an issue, it gives you the opportunity to:

  • Order a replacement.
  • Re-schedule production.
  • Effectively communicate with everyone involved in the supply chain.

Without Trakalok, if container security is breached this may not become apparent until it reaches its final destination – when it is too late to do anything about it!

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