Supply Chain Management

Effective management and information

As the name suggests supply chain logistics involves transporting goods from one point to another utilising one or many different modes of transport.

However to optimise performance it is also imperative that supply chain logistics are effectively monitored and managed.

Effective management information and reporting is fundamental for informed decision making and Trakalok is a key tool designed to enable this.

Trakalok provides full supply chain visibility.

It can tell you where your asset is at any time, alert you if a prescribed route is not being followed or even if the container is standing for long periods at the dockside or is languishing in a Geo-fenced area.

Utilising its intelligent platform, Trakalok provides key management information which enables you to:

  • Analyse the strengths and weaknesses across the supply chain.
  • Optimise route planning.
  • Understand where theft occurs.
  • Enhance ‘workflow’ driven by data from the intelligent platform.

The power of Trakalok as a management tool was recently demonstrated when a major freight forwarder used Trakalok to evaluate its supply chain in order to identify efficiencies which could be passed onto its clients.

When it comes to managing supply chain logistics, Trakalok is an extremely powerful tool which, by utilising leading edge technology, can improve the efficiency and profitability of your business.

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