Supply Chain Visibility

An 'industry first' solution

Fitting Trakalok to your container means that you can have full visibility of your assets as they progress along the supply chain.

The constant stream of data from either the Trakalok TLh device or the TLi device fitted to your cargo is collated and presented in an easy-to-use web application that enables effective container tracking to be carried out in real time.

Knowledge is power

Trakalok is an important tool in enabling you to understand, but more importantly, better control the supply chain.
For example, it enables you to:

  • Have total visibility across all modes of the supply chain – even when the cargo is on the high seas.
  • Interpret vital supply chain data, such as stops along the route – were they in planned and safe locations?
  • Understand if your container is languishing at the dock side, a Geo-fenced areas or has even been sent to the wrong location.
  • Manage any delays if they occur and thus better manage customer expectations.

In fact by utilising the power of Trakalok you can get a full audit of the movement of your container across the entire supply chain. This was aptly demonstrated by the recent movement of a consignment of precious metal from Ghana to Europe.

Given the complexity of many of today’s routes, a container can be vulnerable at any point along its journey – not just from theft but also from terrorism, unauthorised interception or deviation from its planned route.

It is only by securing complete supply chain visibility that this risk can be mitigated.

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